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Personal Training for Fitness & Health

Powered by EMS

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is a highly time efficient, safe and result focused fitness and strength workout. 2 x 20 minutes  a week is all you need.

Used by top athletes and celebrities world wide giving them the extra notch in their training, for their fitness goals and success.

Experience it now at our FitOrange studio - Professional EMS Training


Time Saving! Full workout at a fraction of time - win time for the important things
Scientifically proven -EMS top for fitness, 
 health and body shaping
Train like the celebrities and top athletes worldwide - smart and efficient
Top trainer and facilities for a top workout experience - make it count 

One session takes up to 20 minutes with 1 or 2 sessions a week. This equals a much longer time of strength training  in a conventional gym. 

EMS being so time saving, is the perfect answer for your needs, staying fit and healthy while allowing you to lead the lifestyle you want; accommodating job, career, hobbies and family all at the same time.

Scientific studies proved that EMS reduces backpain in 88.7% of cases after 10 sessions *

In 86.8% of cases, subjects enjoyed clearly visible body shaping effect with women getting a slimmer waist and hip line after 12 sessions*

Men lost up to 1.1 cm around their waist while increasing muscle build around legs, arms and chest after 12 sessions*

Cellulites is reduced and elderly have a chance to remedy incontinence*

* "Scientific Research on whole body electrostimulation" by Miha Bodytec

You want to work out like Tom Holland, the Spiderman actor?

You want to stay in shape like a Victoria's Secret model?


You want to know how the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt, trains?


You want to train like those sport super stars? Top sports teams such as soccer clubs in the EPL, German Bundesliga and top athletes of all kind of disciplines train with EMS.


Now FitOrange makes EMS available for YOU.

With a powerful technology such as EMS it is easy to get results. However, the trainer and the FitOrange facility make a difference.


All FitOrange trainers are independently certified EMS Trainer by the German top sports certification institution GluckerKolleg. This makes us the only EMS studio with such a qualified team in Kuala Lumpur.

Like no other Personal Training studio in KL, FitOrange is specifically designed for EMS training. No other place offers so much versatility and diversity to make your training more enjoyable.



You are looking for the best quality in EMS training? Go no further!

The FitOrange trainer team consists of the best and longest experienced EMS trainer in Malaysia. All have years of experience in EMS training. All our trainers are certified EMS trainer by German fitness certification powerhouse GluckerKolleg.

We perform exercises that are optimal in achieving your individual objective. The trainer makes the difference for your workout to be satisfying, appropriate tough, yet safe.

Karsten, Head Coach

Karsten is a licensed EMS Trainer level 1 and 2. He is a passionate fitness professional with certifications as TBMM Corrective Exercise Specialist, ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Sports Performance SpecialistCertified Post Rehab SpecialistEBFA Barefoot Training Specialist and REVO2LUTION Running Certified Specialist (Running Coach).


Sport and fitness always have been an important part in his life. In his younger years he represented his district in football and volleyball. Today he is an avid runner with dozens of Top Ten positions so far. 

He loves to share his running passion and knowledge with fellow runners, having the honor to be co-coaching the running clinics of the prestigious Kuala Lumpur Marathon, KLSCM 2023.

Before he followed his heart into fitness the MBA and electrical engineer worked in mobile communications for 19 years. Holding various positions worldwide.

Fatin, EMS Trainer

Fatin is a licensed EMS Trainer level 1, TBMM Corrective Exercise Specialist and graduated in sport science. She started her professional career as a fitness and Personal Trainer in an all-women’s gym before joining FitOrange. She believes in the importance of strength training for people to lead a healthy life, being a passionate runner. Strength more than anything helps to keep away joint and back pains for as long as possible.

In this context she was immediately convinced by EMS upon trying it. She even fell in love with it <3. For her EMS is the most effective and intense workout to gain and improve strength.


In her free time Fatin is passionate in futsal and hiking, which builds her weekly fitness routine. She loves to explore new sports and activities allowing her to stay fit and strong.

Join FitOrange as EMS Trainer


FitOrange is a new start-up in the Malaysian fitness industry looking always for motivated trainers. We are fresh, motivated and offer interesting opportunities for personal and professional growth. Interested?

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