Following gives you a brief outlook of what to expect along your journey with EMS at FitOrange and its great benefits.


Remember, EMS workout is highly flexible and suitable for any adult. It does not matter how fit you are or how much you weigh now. The only thing you need is the will to change to a healthier and stronger YOU and start NOW.

Trial session


Take the first important step and give the most efficient workout method a try. Make an appointment with us (see contact information below). Come well hydrated and fueled to enjoy the workout to its fullest.


Age or weight is no issue for working out with EMS, as long as you are older than 18 years. Worldwide people of all age ranges are training successfully with EMS.

Enjoy the benefits of working out with us right from the start. We provide you everything you need for your workout. Workout attire, towels, fully equipped shower facilities and drinking water - all provided.


The first thing we do at FitOrange is to run through a short checklist, confirming that you are suitable for EMS training (see FAQ section for a list of contraindications). You will then receive a special under garment to wear during the workout; fully guided by a trainer.


This first trial session lets you experience first hand, how efficient EMS really is and how good you feel post workout. You may decide on the spot to sign up for one of our attractive packages and subscriptions, or you may just need some time to think about it.


Right after, or on the day(s) after the workout you may experience sore muscles, this is so called DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and is completely normal. DOMS is the effect of the workout on your muscles, stimulating them to get stronger.

Beyond that we promote barefoot training. This stimulates the small nerves on the bottom of your foot. Leading to an improved body awareness and control, as well as better balance and training results.

If you prefer to use shoes, you can do so as well.

Signing Up

Congratulations on signing up with FitOrange, the journey towards a fitter YOU begins NOW. Prior to the first workout, your trainer will document your current body composition status and Anthropometric measurements (size of your arms, waist, thighs, etc.). Both are used for tracking your progress. During a relaxed discussion, you can inform the trainer about your motivation, objectives and expectations from training with FitOrange. Your objectives are our objectives and it is our greatest pleasure helping YOU to achieve them.


At FitOrange we choose from a plethora of exercises, tailoring the workout to your specific needs and capabilities. But worry not, the trainer explains and guides you through the exercises. The trainer ensures that you achieve a comprehensive workout, after all, EMS simultaneously stimulates up to 90% of your muscles.


Don’t worry about your initial fitness level, weight or what other people have been telling you. The workout with FitOrange will be satisfying. The exercises will be chosen according to your capabilities; we want you to enjoy the workout.

Exercises, repetitions and order of exercises will be changed according to your progress.

FitOrange uses simple and efficient fitness tools and equipment to add some “spice” and variation to your workout. This will ensure that you stay motivated and excited, much more than in a conventional gym with conventional strength machines, restricting variation.


We keep track of your progress with regular body composition measurements.


We know you will love how EMS benefits you. 20 minutes that make your day, over and over again.


Some of the best athletes on this planet rely on EMS, allowing them to excel in whatever they do, just as the fastest man in the world.

Contact Us

FitOrange Malaysia

WhatsApp: 016 923 0540  (Studio Plaza Damas 3 Hotline)


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