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After 12 sessions in 6 weeks EMS reduced my waist by 3cm and hip by 2.5cm. Really a pleasant surprise having worked out with a PT at a commercial gym for years before



Doctors recommended back strengthening to manage the severe back pain that plagued me for years. Strengthening exercises at fitness centres were ineffective. EMS has been a great help even in less than 6 sessions. No more painkillers for me


Athlete, Malaysian Masters Field & Track team

With only 1 session a week over 6 months, EMS reduced my waist by 6cm and hip by 3.5cm. I am really happy about this amazing progress, getting leaner and stronger for my upcoming competition.


Project Manager

After ligament injuries on both knees, doctors recommended muscle strengthening to manage the pain that forced me to stop sports for years. All attempts to get stronger knees failed, until I gave EMS a try. It took me only 6 EMS sessions until I could start running and Muay Thai again. My knees are much better now.

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