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In these times of uncertainty, we are all most concerned about our health

and the health of our families.


We at FitOrange, fulfill the government’s COVID19 SOP for gyms to 100%

but we felt we owe you more to keep you safe and made FitOrange the

safest place for you to stay fit, strong and healthy.

Here is what we do beyond the standard SOP, to keep you extra safe

and healthy. Only at FitOrange …


  • Air purifiers with new HEPA filters

  • Nano-Tec coating (SD-Pro) of all surfaces, minimizing risk for infection
    by touching surfaces

  • Cleanliness at operation theatre level!!

  • Regular hygiene measurements by external company

  • Extended time window for your session to minimize chance of
    encountering others before or after your session

  • Health declaration by every client at every visit

  • Your trainer uses additional to a face mask also gloves and splash protection glasses

  • Extended distance between clients during workout

  • Disinfection of everything used directly after your session by trainer

  • Cleaning of workout, shower and changing area after every use - up to 15 times a day!

  • Compliance to WHO roadmap to good ventilation in the context of COVID-19


We did all the above without increasing our prices, continuing to offer the best value for money when it comes to 1-on-1 EMS training.

Asset 1@4x.png

Oooops, we did it again ...


We are the cleanest EMS studio and among the cleanest gyms in Malaysia overall because we are investing in the disinfection and cleanliness of our studio. We audit and verify the cleanliness of our facility by regular hygiene measurements.


We did another hygiene measurements to verify the effectiveness of the nano tec coating that protects and cleans the studio 24/7. The measurement was done by an external and independent company on 26th January 2022.

Spot checks throughout the entire studio confirmed the best possible cleanliness. Our studio and equipment are as clean as an operating theatre!!!

A fantastic achievement. Something that we are proud of. We are doing this for the safety and health of our team and our clients. It is our goal to create the safest possible environment for a healthy life. We want our clients to enjoy their sessions at FitOrange, without worries about any virus going around.


Here the details (operation theatre cleanliness at or below 70 RLU):

      ✅ Main door - 2 RLU
      ✅ EMS Machine - 3 RLU
      ✅ Body Composition Analyser - 0 RLU
      ✅ Floor - 2 RLU
      ✅ Lockers - 0 RLU


FitOrange, the safest place for your strength workout! 

Stay fit with peace of mind

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