The good news - Great results don't come at a high cost


After all the great facts and details about EMS you may have thought it's going to be expensive. It is not!


FitOrange subscription prices are very attractive. Here is what you get:


  • Time Saving - Highly efficient workout, saving your valuable time while getting the results you want

  • Target Oriented - Training aligned to your objectives

  • Personal Training - Individual training with a qualified and experienced personal trainer

  • Motivating - Training in an attractive environment

  • Convenient - Come as you are, everything needed for your workout is provided free of charge (workout attire, towels, drinking water, toiletries)

  • Tracking of your progress

  • Referral Program - Recommend us and get free sessions as reward (T&C apply)

  • No hidden costs - Pay what you see, prices include all costs, fees and taxes (T&C apply)


We offer various subscription and packages with one or more sessions a week, as well as occasional special offers.


Contact us or make an appointment for a trial session to find out more. We are looking forward to hearing from you