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It's been only 3 months with one Premium EMS Personal Training session a week but my knee and back pain have improved a lot.

As a bonus my arms and abs toned up. That impressed my husband so much, that he also started at FitOrange. 



With a new born at home I don't have much time, so I found the most effective way of working out with Premium EMS Personal Training Sessions at FitOrange.

I became noticeably fitter within shortest time. My shoulder health improved and in combination with a good diet I lost a lot of body fat


Kian Ming

As a runner, the weekly Premium EMS Personal Training sessions at FitOrange have helped me to remain injury free for a few years now.

Beyond that I am impressed by the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene of FitOrange. With that in place I can workout with peace of mind.

I highly recommend  FitOrange, especially when time is precious.



With only 20 minutes a week of Premium EMS Personal Training @ FitOrange, I strengthened my core, decreasing back pain. At the same time, I toned up noticeably. In combination with a balanced diet I also reduced my body fat by 4kg within a year.



With EMS @ FitOrange I tone my body with minimum time investment, I feel great. A bonus for me, my friends that I introduced to FitOrange love me for that.



Fantastic method (Premium EMS @ FitOrange) and environment (clean Studio) to increase your physical fitness. The trainers at FitOrange are well educated and always focused to get the best out of your 20 min session. I really enjoying the short training stints by seeing myself improving on the whole body strength

20170928 Josephine 1.JPG


​After ligament injuries on both knees,  the pain forced me to stop sports for years. All attempts to get better knees failed, until I gave Premium EMS @ FitOrange a try. It took me only 6 EMS sessions until I could start running and Muay Thai again. My knees are much better now.



I am an ambitious runner and have been injury free for years thanks to Premium EMS Personal Training @ FitOrange. As a side effect I feel much stronger and better in general.



Premium EMS Personal Training @ FitOrange strengthened my knees, increased my endurance and toned up my muscles. Consistency is the key!



Bonuses that I got from EMS with the main objective to strengthen my core and the entire body as a regular trail runner and road runner:
1. Lost 2 kgs
2. Balanced up the muscles of arms, thighs and calves
3. Hip size reduced 2cm

Thank you Team FitOrange!

The session is perfect for busy business owners who hardly find time to work out, you only need 20 minutes workout which is equivalent to 2-4 hours workout! Fantastic right?


Mun Kuan

Friendly & patient trainer team. Great EMS workout!

(Mother of national athlete, SEA Games and Youth Olympics participant)



The perfect place to do EMS training. The coaches are well trained and have a huge variety of accessories to make your training experience much better than in any standard EMS studio. Highly recommended

20170707 Rama 2.JPG


​After 12 sessions in 6 weeks EMS reduced my waist by 3cm and hip by 2.5cm. Really a pleasant surprise having worked out with a PT at a commercial gym for years before

20170713 Casey 3.JPG


​Doctors recommended back strengthening to manage the severe back pain that plagued me for years. Strengthening exercises at fitness centres were ineffective. EMS has been a great help even in less than 6 sessions. No more painkillers for me

20170718 Sima 4.JPG


​With only 1 session a week over 6 months, EMS reduced my waist by 6cm and hip by 3.5cm.

I am really happy about this amazing progress, getting leaner and stronger for my upcoming competition.

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